JinkoSolar, that's SMART!

Customers begin to recognize the importance of module-level control, and are looking for a system that is efficient and easy. Therefore, JinkoSolar is launching the next major advancement in the PV industry.

It features:


The Optimizer Solution

The JinkoSmart Optimizer is a revolutionary solution for harvesting the maximum power available from a photovoltaic (PV) array. Like other distributed balance-of system (BOS) architectures, the JinkoSmart Optimizer™ solution extracts energy from each module, virtually eliminating the negative effect of weaker modules on the rest of the PV array. However, JinkoSmart does so with unprecedented efficiency and accuracy, with very few incremental electronic components for maximum reliability and minimum cost.

With the help of cell optimizer, JinkoSmart can entirely eliminate hotspots, the main source of module failure.

JinkoSmart corrects differences in module power such as: binning mismatch, shading mismatch, soiling mismatch and aging mismatch. This allows the system output to be increased by up to 20%.


Real-time Monitoring

Every JinkoSmart module is independently monitored. This means that your system will alert you in real-time if it needs your attention. This powerful monitoring platform streamlines your operations and maintenance and your operational efficiency, helping you to reduce your soft costs of truck rolls, design, maintenance etc.



JinkoSmart's PV safety function de-energizes the system for emergency and /or maintenance situations. This allows you to go up on the roof without exposure to high voltage and it enables emergency personnel to access your roof without any risks. This feature is compliant with new Rapid Shutdown requirements.