SMART MODULE(solaredge)

Next Generation of Photovoltaic Modules

Next generation of photovoltaic modules that will revolutionize the solar industry and accelerate the pace toward grid parity with the following advantages.


Module Level Optimization

By connecting a SolarEdge power optimizer to a PV panel it becomes a smart panel.This allows:

In a PV system each panel has an individual maximum power point, so for traditional inverter, the weakest panel reduces the performance of all panels. However, for SolarEdge's panels, each one produces the maximum energy. The weakest panel does not affect the performance of the rest of the system.


Design Flexibility

Power optimizers enable installation of modules in partially shaded areas, strings of uneven lengths and strings in multiple orientations and different roof facets. That means more modules can be installed on the roof, generating more power and revenue.


Enhanced Safety

With a traditional inverter, there is no option to shut down the high voltage on the roof as long as the sun is up. With SolarEdge however, DC wires are automatically de-energized whenever AC power is off. SolarEdge power optimizers automatically shut down the DC voltage in the PV wires to protect installers, maintenance personnel and firefighters.

SolarEdge is the only inverter solution that meets the most advanced safety standards (VDE 2100, IEC 60947, NEC2014, UL1699B).